All dressed up with no where to go? – We got ya’ 

The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition is open to the public July 13-23, featuring  the world of Patek Philippe. Its on display at Cipriani 42nd St, which already has a super luxurious but relaxed vibe. Theres about 10 specially themed rooms with over 400 current and unique timepieces.

Its super easy to get to being its right across the street from Grand Central Station.  While moving through out the gallery its hard not to notice the aura of sophistication, creating an environment of prestige and elegance.

Heres what to know…..First up, its open to the public with free admission.  You’ll begin the exhibit by watching a short clip about the founders of Patek Philippe, who created the first watch ever without a winding key.

On display throughout the exhibit are showcases of some of the most complex and exceptional timepieces.

Cool things to look out for on loan from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, is a desk clock that was given to John F. Kennedy, which has the times zones for Washington D.C, Berlin, and Moscow simultaneously. This clock signified the establishment of a direct communications line between Washington D.C and Moscow.

It’s interactive so there’s a lot of hands on twenty first century activity to entertain your mind. Such as a virtual reality simulator that lets you envision building a watch. Your able to select from different blueprints of watches you want to reassemble.

Moving on from room to room you’ll come into contact with different professional watchmakers from Geneva, who explain to you the behind the scenes work at Patek Philippe, such as enameling, gem setting,and marquetry (which is a technique that only Patek Philippe uses, taking tiny pieces of colored wood to create an design for the face of the watch).

Lastly, there’s space to sit and sip some elegant coffee and talk.

There something for everyone. You can talk to your date but no pressure since there’s so much to see and do. And not only will your date enjoy it but so will you. You’ll be glad you went.


One Reply to “All dressed up with no where to go? – We got ya’ ”

  1. Went to the watch show on your recommendation

    Excellent choice, wish I had more time to spend there (they closed promptly at 7:00)

    Thanks again!!!!


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