~Sunday Vibes~

In all the hustle and bustle of daily city life, sometime all you need is a romantic day out in the countryside. In our efforts to find the perfect spot, the closest we got was the 79th Street Greenmarket. Without even having to leave the city, Columbus Avenue is transformed into a farmers market with tons of booths filled with locally grown products you won’t see anywhere else, making it the perfect day date.

Every Sunday from 9-5, between 77th – 81st Street (directly behind the Museum of Natural History) you’ll find about 30 different booths set up creating a “Bazar” or “Shuck” feel.

What we loved:

Each farmer was super friendly and happy to talk about their produce. With all the “Certified Organic” and “Gluten Free” signs, it’s hard to not let the health food junkie inside of you free. There’s lots of salad greens, and herbs. You can even buy little planters filled with celery and sweet potato. Of course they also have all your typical produce, such as corn, radishes, apples and tomatoes.

Hands down, our favorite booth was Lavender by the Bay. They sell individual lavender bundles, Lavender oils and soaps, as well as little pillows and neck rests filled with lavender.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers (LITERALLY) and even try something new. It’s really the perfect place to expand your horizons and try a new vegetable you’ve never eaten. Or better yet, head across the street to central park, throw down a blanket, and set up a picnic for two with everything you picked up.

What were buying:

Baked Goods! All this shopping was making us HUNGRY. We were so relieved to find the Kosher Las Delicias Patisserie booth. Under the certification of Rabbi Chaim Goldberger of the Twin Cities Community Kashruth Council, this boutique artisanal bakery has tons of beautifully packaged cookies and babkas, as well as lots of Gluten Free products. What really blew us away were their peach and plumb pies- Goodbye diet?

May we suggest… after experiencing the farmers market, plan another trip to visit the different vender’s farms out in Long Island- Road trip anyone?

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