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 We just HAD to check out the hype surrounding New York City’s textile week. Tapping into our more creative side, we headed to the Jacob Javits Center.

While you’re thinking textile is just fabric, its not. In reality it’s a combination of Art, History, and Culture.

Texworld USA debuts from July 17-19. This textile show has on display the finest textiles from all over the world.  Its good for anyone in the business, but its really geared to all the trend setters out there.  You’ll learn about how the industry studies the markets, and is then able to give a sneak peak into upcoming trends in fashion. They also have cool technological displays for all the science geeks out there. You’ll also find lots of cutting edge concepts such as ideas for what can be done to recycle old unused clothing (Hint: a lot of times its used for heating installations)

This event  is fun  for anyone who’s interested in seeing textile and house-wear products from places such as Bangladesh, India, Egypt and China. Its a bit like a giant worlds fair pavilion. Very professionally done with lots of artistic displays as well as cafes set up in the common areas, for some much needed coffee.

What we enjoyed:

3D printing is all the range now. We were able to watch how textiles are made with the latest 3D technology. Fun fact: the printers they were featuring were developed in Rosh Haayin, Israel.

TREND COUNCIL: using cutting edge systems, they are able to analyze different patters used in the latest runway collections. Once they have identified the patterns and materials, they are able to  predict a “trend forecast” for the next seasons newest and emerging trends.

What you’ll see:

It’s pretty hard to avoid getting lost in the wonderful world of prints and patterns, but you’ll find yourself surrounded by countless materials such as silks, prints, cottons, linens, furs, leather, laces and prints.  On display you’ll find items such as activewear, menswear, suitcases, towels , swimwear and  scarves .

You may even be able to catch a seminar or two, as they have guest lectures from across the globe. So go on ahead and delve into the entrepenorial side of you. You and your date will have hours of fun at this one.

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