Game on Wall St

If you think Wall street folks only know how to work hard come down to wall street on a Wednesday this summer for a block party and you can witness wall street folks playing hard – you can even join in on the fun. On Wednesdays July 26 and August 2 at the corner of Coenties and Water in the Financial district are free games from 12-8 and a live DJ & drinks from 5-8. Lunchtime is crowded but fun to watch we got a nice spot in a coffee shop, Ground Central, overlooking the fun while sitting in the shade. Once the crowd dissipated we were able to try our hands at some games: arcade style basketball, foosball, cornhole, giant connect four, and shuffle board.

We walked a couple blocks west to grab a slice at Bravo Kosher pizza which offers a whole menu besides pizza ( but I personally always want pizza). This Bravo location is spacious and offers outdoor seating. Bravo Pizza is open until 7:30 pm

Other food option in the area include:

Bravo Burger and Deli , just next door to Bravo Pizza open until 8:45.

Milk and Honey that just reopened in a large café however, this location closes at 5.

Reserve Cut has a $29 lunch special from 11:30-2:30

Café 11 is a to-go take out counter in the lobby of an office building selling sandwiches, salads and sushi until 5. You can take the sandwiches to eat across the street in the Bowling Green Park along side the iconic Charging Bull

After lunch we walked to the Oculus. The Oculus is the center of the World trade Center Transportation Hub designed by internationally acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava and is the third largest transportation center in NYC . The Building is magnificent to look at and the A.C was welcoming after spending time in today’s heat. The atrium of the oculus is line with shops and boutiques and at the center is a rotating art exhibit – the current exhibit was on the Michelangelo. If you want to see another marvelous indoor structure You can continue to walk west while staying indoors and head to the Winter Gardens. The Winter Garden Atrium is a 10-story glass-vaulted pavilion on Vesey Street in New York City’s Brookfield Place office complex a good place to just sit and relax.

I would like to give a special shout out to my dad for being my date today! Thank you for teaching me how to play corn hole and giving me a grand tour of Wall St.


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