Strand(ed) at the Bookstore

They say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but lets face it, we’re all guilty.  But then again, there’s also something kind of cool about picking up a used book that’s cover is almost ripped off, with pages that are bent over  in a million places. It’s proof that the reader was so drawn in that they couldn’t put it down, and destiny found its way into your hands.  While walking in the streets of Manhattan, we found ourselves suddenly in the midst of Strand, a bookstore that advertises “18 miles of books.” While its pretty impossible that the store takes up 18 miles, being it is a corner store of a city block, if you lined up all the (2.5 million) books in the store, it would span for about 18 miles. Each book you pick up feels like a tiny piece of treasure, since many of them are rare collectables and signed editions. They were even selling the first edition ever of Tom Sawyer.

The rustic vibe gives this location the perfect opportunity for adventure. Whats so awesome about this date is that books themselves contain literally thousands of built in conversation topics, like checking out cookbooks from different countries to reading famous old poetry (cue; ever mine, ever thine, ever ours) or even looking up books on travel.  You can also take the time to reminisce together about your all-time favorite read, and find mutually interesting topics. You can sit down and find that book that you always wanted to read, (like the one from Reese Witherspoon’s book-club that you’ve been dying to try) and get lost together in this thrift shop bookstore.

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