Skip the dinner reservation

Going out to eat is sooo passé. Why order in when you can spice things up by actually learning how to prepare and cook the food you eat, together. The Kosher Culinary Center is the perfect place for you to sharpen your skills in the kitchen. The Culinary center offers interactive cooking classes in their professional kitchen, where several couples come together to receive instruction and supplies to cook a most avant gard menu.


What was so unique was the Mexican theme menu for the evening. It was cool to learn a little about the Mexican culture and the different foods they eat. We used a variety of unusual foods we’d never eaten before, like cactus and banana leaf. Growing up in a Hungarian home, this was VERY different from the chicken paprikash and Linzer torte we’re used-too (served on Herend, of course) and we absolutely loved every second of it.

As Chef Weissman put it “I could teach you all how to make chicken soup, but then you’d leave and never come back” which is so true. This class gave us the opportunity to learn something totally out there and different.

Upon arrival we were given cocktails at the open bar featuring frozen and fruity drinks for the ladies and wine for the gentlemen, and aprons as we watched a short demo of what we would be preparing together that evening. We then spent the next few hours chopping, mixing, stirring and grilling. Once everything was finished, we all sat down and enjoyed the meal together.

Tips we learned:

How to perfectly bake a tortia in the oven, not too crispy, and not too raw… just right

How to dice an onion, into perfect cubes.

This hands on, and intimate class is really the perfect place no matter what cooking level you’re at. In addition to their date night classes, we would definitely come back for their French macaroon making, steak night, and hamburger wars.

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