Pop into PopBar

My cousin and I may have our differences, but we both love the color yellow and we both love ice cream! And although we have already posted about a few fab ice cream places in Manhattan but honestly can there be too many?? I have even written a poem about ice cream to underline my absolute adoration of this frozen treat:

Ice Cream is sweet
It is my very favorite treat
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate Fudge
No matter how you eat it I won’t judge
But the very best is topped with sprinkles
Almost as if the whole dessert twinkles!


Now that I have your attention, I would like to tell you about Pop Bar in the West Village [Hasgacha under Rabbi Mehlman]. Pop Bar is a tiny storefront that offers popsicles that are so very delicious! When you walk in you have a display of popsicles of either sorbet or gelato to choose from and then you choose a dipping and some toppings. My current favorite is pistachio popsicle dipped in dark chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and hazelnut crunch ( are you drooling yet?!)


The other night when we went I had the opportunity to try the luxurious hot chocolate. Don’t worry I also had a popsicle, but we stayed late talking and the weather was cold and rainy so I figured it was the perfect opportunity. You choose a chunk of chocolate from multiple flavors and they place the chocolate cube in steamed milk for you! The flavors include caramel, peppermint, dark chocolate etc.


There are a handful of stools to sit on by the window in the shop but, if the weather is nice take your popsicle and your date out for a walk. Just across Carmine is a nice park with a fountain, we found a good spot in the shade and enjoyed our popsicles. A couple blocks away is Washington Square park which is always a great place for people watching.


I got to the West Village a little early so I had a walk around and came across a neighborhood bookstore called BookBook, it is stocked with a variety of books and is a great place for conversation starters.


We have been here many times that the area is already comforting. There is a Starbucks nearby that we have gone to for hot drinks if we find we have more to discuss and catch up about after the ice cream has been consumed.

Hope you enjoy this fab Ice cream shop, tell us about your time there!

– B

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