Discovering Columbus


Columbus discovered America but we discovered Columbus Circle.

The other day D and I set out to explore Columbus Circle. We came across another amazing kosher ice cream place: 16HandlesxMochiDoki! ( hashgacha under Rabbi Mehlmen) It is a little food vendor part of TurnStyle, an underground market, located beneath 8th ave between 57th and 58th St at the Southern tip of the Columbus Circle subway station, no metrocard necessary to enter. The place sells various flavors consistent with other 16 handles locations but what is unique is the rainbow display of mochi! Mochi is a ball of ice cream wrapped in a Japanese rice dough. This treat is popular in Japan and the U.S and this is the first kosher place I know to sell Mochi! It is a soft delicious treat that I will most definitely have me returning to TurnStyle!


As I said we were exploring the area of Columbus Circle, and it is so fun! During the day it is a beautiful point to enter Central Park and have a walk. The nearby Museum of Art and Design offers free admission Thursday nights and often has hands on exhibits.  But one of my favorite spots is the Ascent Lounge, this is a quiet lounge on the 4th floor in the shopping mall and has beautiful view of the fountains below! There are a couple of bars and lounges in the area but this one was my favorite. You can use the escalators to climb all the way up and make a pit stop in the new Amazon book store.


We finished off the night getting dinner at Cafe Classico on 57th st although we did have a hard time choosing between that and the Great American Health Bar just downstairs. (under OK hasgacha)


Other Lounges in the area:

Library Bar at Hudson and Rooftop terrace: a cozy bar in the Hudson Hotel with leather sofas, an antique pool table and lots of books that continues onto a rooftop deck with lots of seating. The Hudson hotel is located on 58th and has a very easy to miss entrance. Its located on the left side of the block coming from 8th ave and one flight up the swanky yellow escalators.

The Empire Rooftop & Lounge: (for fans of Chuck Bass) a swanky sports bar with a retractable roof for all weather lounging. The Empire Hotel is one of NYC’s most iconic located on 63rd

Lobby Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental: the name can be deceiving because this lounge is located on the 35th floor but it has a wonderful view of the area. It often gets full and is best to make a reservation.

Dizzy’s Club Coco-Cola: a Jazz Club that offers cheap and discounted tickets to some of the best music in NYC it is located on the 60th entrance to the shops at columbus. There is $10 minimum for drinks. I recommend getting a table seating because often the bar seating is just a chair against the wall. However you will most likely share your table with other groups.

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