Tonight, we headed out to one of the West side’s best-kept secrets, Screme Gelato Bar, located on 94th and Amsterdam. In this blazing city heat, we’ll do just about anything to stay cool. Under the supervision of Rabbi Zushe Blech, this street level shop is the perfect place for you and your date to head to for all your ice cream cravings. They have outdoor seating, so you can sit and enjoy your gelato (before it melts) and feel like you are sitting out on the streets of Manhattan. Honestly, it was hard to pick between all their unique flavors, like Nutella toffee, Butter cookie, maple cone, and Margarita. We may or may not have taste-tested them all, (for blog purposes of course). Lets be honest, I think we can speak for everyone when we say we’ve had enough with all this fat- free sugar free, taste free ice cream trend.  This Gelato Bar is a Must for all ice cream lovers out there.