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 We just HAD to check out the hype surrounding New York City’s textile week. Tapping into our more creative side, we headed to the Jacob Javits Center.

While you’re thinking textile is just fabric, its not. In reality it’s a combination of Art, History, and Culture.

Texworld USA debuts from July 17-19. This textile show has on display the finest textiles from all over the world.  Its good for anyone in the business, but its really geared to all the trend setters out there.  You’ll learn about how the industry studies the markets, and is then able to give a sneak peak into upcoming trends in fashion. They also have cool technological displays for all the science geeks out there. You’ll also find lots of cutting edge concepts such as ideas for what can be done to recycle old unused clothing (Hint: a lot of times its used for heating installations)

This event  is fun  for anyone who’s interested in seeing textile and house-wear products from places such as Bangladesh, India, Egypt and China. Its a bit like a giant worlds fair pavilion. Very professionally done with lots of artistic displays as well as cafes set up in the common areas, for some much needed coffee.

What we enjoyed:

3D printing is all the range now. We were able to watch how textiles are made with the latest 3D technology. Fun fact: the printers they were featuring were developed in Rosh Haayin, Israel.

TREND COUNCIL: using cutting edge systems, they are able to analyze different patters used in the latest runway collections. Once they have identified the patterns and materials, they are able to  predict a “trend forecast” for the next seasons newest and emerging trends.

What you’ll see:

It’s pretty hard to avoid getting lost in the wonderful world of prints and patterns, but you’ll find yourself surrounded by countless materials such as silks, prints, cottons, linens, furs, leather, laces and prints.  On display you’ll find items such as activewear, menswear, suitcases, towels , swimwear and  scarves .

You may even be able to catch a seminar or two, as they have guest lectures from across the globe. So go on ahead and delve into the entrepenorial side of you. You and your date will have hours of fun at this one.

Let them eat cake {or ice cream}

Tonight, we headed out to one of the West side’s best-kept secrets, Screme Gelato Bar, located on 94th and Amsterdam. In this blazing city heat, we’ll do just about anything to stay cool. Under the supervision of Rabbi Zushe Blech, this street level shop is the perfect place for you and your date to head to for all your ice cream cravings. They have outdoor seating, so you can sit and enjoy your gelato (before it melts) and feel like you are sitting out on the streets of Manhattan. Honestly, it was hard to pick between all their unique flavors, like Nutella toffee, Butter cookie, Maple Cone, and Margarita. We may or may not have taste-tested them all, (for blog purposes of course). Lets be honest, I think we can speak for everyone when we say we’ve had enough with all this fat- free sugar free, taste free ice cream trend.  This Gelato Bar is a Must for all ice cream lovers out there.

~Sunday Vibes~

In all the hustle and bustle of daily city life, sometime all you need is a romantic day out in the countryside. In our efforts to find the perfect spot, the closest we got was the 79th Street Greenmarket. Without even having to leave the city, Columbus Avenue is transformed into a farmers market with tons of booths filled with locally grown products you won’t see anywhere else, making it the perfect day date.

Every Sunday from 9-5, between 77th – 81st Street (directly behind the Museum of Natural History) you’ll find about 30 different booths set up creating a “Bazar” or “Shuck” feel.

What we loved:

Each farmer was super friendly and happy to talk about their produce. With all the “Certified Organic” and “Gluten Free” signs, it’s hard to not let the health food junkie inside of you free. There’s lots of salad greens, and herbs. You can even buy little planters filled with celery and sweet potato. Of course they also have all your typical produce, such as corn, radishes, apples and tomatoes.

Hands down, our favorite booth was Lavender by the Bay. They sell individual lavender bundles, Lavender oils and soaps, as well as little pillows and neck rests filled with lavender.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers (LITERALLY) and even try something new. It’s really the perfect place to expand your horizons and try a new vegetable you’ve never eaten. Or better yet, head across the street to central park, throw down a blanket, and set up a picnic for two with everything you picked up.

What were buying:

Baked Goods! All this shopping was making us HUNGRY. We were so relieved to find the Kosher Las Delicias Patisserie booth. Under the certification of Rabbi Chaim Goldberger of the Twin Cities Community Kashruth Council, this boutique artisanal bakery has tons of beautifully packaged cookies and babkas, as well as lots of Gluten Free products. What really blew us away were their peach and plumb pies- Goodbye diet?

May we suggest… after experiencing the farmers market, plan another trip to visit the different vender’s farms out in Long Island- Road trip anyone?

All dressed up with no where to go? – We got ya’ 

The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition is open to the public July 13-23, featuring  the world of Patek Philippe. Its on display at Cipriani 42nd St, which already has a super luxurious but relaxed vibe. Theres about 10 specially themed rooms with over 400 current and unique timepieces.

Its super easy to get to being its right across the street from Grand Central Station.  While moving through out the gallery its hard not to notice the aura of sophistication, creating an environment of prestige and elegance.

Heres what to know…..First up, its open to the public with free admission.  You’ll begin the exhibit by watching a short clip about the founders of Patek Philippe, who created the first watch ever without a winding key.

On display throughout the exhibit are showcases of some of the most complex and exceptional timepieces.

Cool things to look out for on loan from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, is a desk clock that was given to John F. Kennedy, which has the times zones for Washington D.C, Berlin, and Moscow simultaneously. This clock signified the establishment of a direct communications line between Washington D.C and Moscow.

It’s interactive so there’s a lot of hands on twenty first century activity to entertain your mind. Such as a virtual reality simulator that lets you envision building a watch. Your able to select from different blueprints of watches you want to reassemble.

Moving on from room to room you’ll come into contact with different professional watchmakers from Geneva, who explain to you the behind the scenes work at Patek Philippe, such as enameling, gem setting,and marquetry (which is a technique that only Patek Philippe uses, taking tiny pieces of colored wood to create an design for the face of the watch).

Lastly, there’s space to sit and sip some elegant coffee and talk.

There something for everyone. You can talk to your date but no pressure since there’s so much to see and do. And not only will your date enjoy it but so will you. You’ll be glad you went.


First blog post

Hi there!

Welcome! This blog was created by two cousins who set out on a mission to change the dating world as we know it. Lets admit it, as fun as it is to go on a spontaneous night out, its equally as fun and way less stressful to have your plans set out before you. Today, its hard to make plans in advance, and finding the latest activity on a whim leads to a lot of frustration and online searching. Thats where we come in, WHO WENT WHERE was designed to update you on the latest events listed all in one place. With our user friendly system,  you won’t have to sit for hours trying to plan.

Heres to many stress free date nights!

– Daniella and Batya